Board and Advisors
Justin Cox - President Gabby Matzdorff - CFO Dan Mallin - Board of Directors Scott Litman - Board of Directors

About Marketing Bridge

Marketing Bridge was founded in 2004 as a solution to the challenges facing channel marketing on a global scale. Today we are the most comprehensive, robust, and user-friendly channel marketing automation platform available. With over 100,000 users across 73 countries Marketing Bridge has contributed to the growth and profitability of countless channel marketing organizations.

When the company started other channel marketing platforms were claiming to solve corporate needs, but none provided comprehensive support to rising distribution issues. Most of these platforms were online printers who were using automation to bolster core business, and had little knowledge of online and interactive marketing. Witnessing the glaring limitations of our competitors Marketing Bridge designed a platform that responds directly to the complex needs of channel marketing organizations and their sales partners.

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